Studio Legale Silvestri


The Studio Legale Silvestri is an established law firm specializing in legal assistance and legal consulting. Silvestri will provide the client with a suitable solution to any type of legal necessity or need in both litigious and non litigious fields. The law firm will assist both private citizens and corporations, through any type of legal field, demonstrating punctuality and professionalism at all times.

The law firm has excellent professional resources in the entire nation of Italy, with its headquarters in Rome and a second one in Madrid, Spain. Due to the authorization to carry out legal matters in both countries, and the long experience it has had in implementing such activities in Spain, has resulted in the firm becoming highly qualified in both Italian and Spanish Law. Hence, the law firm is specialized both national and international law.

The dynamic and highly professional law firm is characterized by constantly updating its knowledge of every aspect of law, therefore, providing its clients with an excellent and complete service.

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